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Nancy- There are some blood pressure medications Alpha blockers I believe that are also used to treat prostate problems.You might want to ask his Dr about that if he is already on blood pressure meds anyway, maybe switching him to one that has a dual benefit could help. It sounds like your Dad has had a good life. A Speech and Language Therapist might be able to help with some of the memory and non-meaningful speech
issues. He is lucky to have you for his daughter. Kate

Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts. Charles Dickens

Thank you all very much

I would like to thank all of you who took the time to respond to my question about my father / meds to prevent strokes. I didn’t realize there were different kinds of strokes, and all the responses helped me to understand better what is involved. I can see now why the doctor said there weren’t any such meds, though of course I was hoping it was so. I think the medicine being talked about probably was a blood thinner as someone mentioned, since I’m fairly certain now that he had the blockage type (they’re still getting test results, but there’s no bleeding).

He appears to be doing better – he isn’t talking so strangely and saying so many things like “I’m only taking sky and space medication and that is it!”, though his memory is still off (mostly getting names mixed up, using words that sound like they’re from the 1930′s, thinking something that happened 50 years ago was much more recent, etc).

He has always taken good care of himself, never drank, did smoke when he was a young man but quit over 35 years ago, is very careful about what he eats, watches his weight (was never overweight), takes his BP and other meds, sees the doctor for checkups, stays very active in different activities, and even remodeled a house by himself just two years ago, including new siding, new roof, new sub-floors to replace rotten ones, new drywall, and built a big old-fashioned country porch, and more, all by himself.

In fact I guess he’s lucky to even have made it to 75 because he’s allergic to a long list of medications including penicillin, had a heart attack last year on the very day I was giving him and my mother a well-deserved 50th wedding anniversary party, one I worked on for months, with people from all over attending (I’m not complaining about the work arranging it, just how sad it was that he couldn’t attend when he had been so excited about it). Then a month after that he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer (non-aggressive, luckily) and just had surgery a month ago ago for it, not removal of the prostate since he didn’t think his body could withstand it, but another procedure that was pretty
painful in itself . So anyway it seems he has made it through once again.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m minimizing what people on this list have gone through by talking about what has happened to my father in the past year. In fact I don’t know what words to say which won’t sound like I’m being presumptuous, when I haven’t gone through what most or all of you have or are still going through.

But I would like to thank you all for your kind responses at a time when I was feeling panicky and totally unsure of what to do or what questions to ask the doctors since of course at a time like that there’s not much time to think or do research (though I believe it did help him to have someone with him most of his waking hours).

Thanks again for your kindness,


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I always work for food, to match me, food from a slow cooker is best.


Ever since I had my stroke, I was (inside) fighting against the “not being able to’s”. I used to walk behind my wheel chair, pushing it
for a walk. So, Yes, it happened overnight and No, I had to determine to and work for everything I’ve gained back.

Here it is 7 going on 8 years post stroke for me, I’m STILL fighting and STILL gaining.

I’m at a stage (of transition) now where I am deciding, ‘I can walk and waddle with my cane or walk and waddle without my cane. So, I’m
walking and waddling without it more and more. A thing I’ve noticed, when I waddle with my cane, ppl see I’m disabled and move out the
way, when I waddle w/o my cane, they must figure I’m drunk and stay in the way. So, most times I go out in public, I have my cane.

David S

Asheville, NC


I did some roto tilling yesterday. Quite a feat for a stroker the docs said would be wheelchair bound for life (and I was for eleven months).
Well, I’m still sore today and still pumping down aspirin, but hey. All is good. My soreness of muscles I forgot existed are out there reminding me they are still there and wanting (yeah right) to be worked/used.

David S
Asheville, NC

Life Span

Though my wife, Peggy, now works for a home-health agency (auditing nurses notes to be sure they are acceptable to medicare so the agency will get paid) in the past she has worked as assistant director in one assisted-living facility and as director of nurses in another. A couple
years ago a 104 year old woman who had resided in the home where Peggy had served as director of nurses (and I had led a volunteer weekly
chapel for over a year) passed away and we were blessed to be able to attend her wonderful funeral.

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I do not usually respond in any way to my ‘horn being tooted’, but, you were such a sweetheart in what you said about me, I mailed a copy
from this site to my email box. I’m going to put it in my mom’s folder so she can read what another(s) think about her son. I might get a few brownie points, or better yet, a few brownies.

I am glad to hear Joe had a decent tine, and you. We must talk in our email boxes of a possible visit to you all. You know we’re in the same
state, just a different part (me mountains, you beach). Believe it or not, after 20 years in Clearwater, Florida, I’m kind of needing to
have a beach fix.

David S

Asheville, NC

Hi, Seems awfully young for this, but not unheard of

Of course he needs to see the physician to rule out possible causes that would be needing more aggressive treatment (ie. diabetes, etc). Venous leakage is the phrase of the era of ED, and it is a normally occuring change i in men as we age. Yes, it starts at different ages, and he is certainly old enough. The number one predisposing factor in ED is being a male over the age of 50. Of course the PDE-5 inhibitors – Tadalafil 20mg, 40mg, 60mg; Azithromycin 500 mg etc. are the first line of treatment for the docs, but has he tried “cock rings”. Many of us find them very helpful in retaining blood in the penis after an erection is attained, many varieties wold, they are not expensive, and he can experiment. Some of them are even designed with vibrating attachments to enhance the experience for you too. Many find the rings more helpful if pulled around both the base of the cock and the scrotum together. Hint, trimming will make application and removal far less of a painful ordeal. Gotta get the hair out of the picture, he doesn’t need a total shave (unless the two of you like that, lol), but trim and shave enough to make the area free of hairs to be pulled on, OUCH!!

Wy I am the way I am

David, I dobn’t know the answer to the why;s but I know I sure like wat I saw. You are charming and very eloquent. Heck even Joe likes you
as you are, he is usually indifferent to people he doesn’t realy know. I find you amazing in trhe way you present yourself. I don’t know many
that hv never had a stroke that presents themselves in the confident way you do. Get on with your bad self, you charming devil you.

I can’t offer or hv anything to comment on not sleeping. I hv the opposite problem, I struggle to stay awake most of the time, I can lie down, shut my eyes and think…..go to sleepand I am quickly asleep. Like A Bolt Mary

Hello–Iam new to this group….

I am Susan… I am the caregive for my mama..She had a massive stroke 11 years ago…I have put my life on hold to care foe her…..I thank
God everyday i have my mama…She is confined to a wheelchair however she is mentlly here….I enjoy her so much…I try to keep a positive
outlook on this situation…For she has proven the medical staff wrong….So Just don’t give up….Yes we do have days that seem to go
on and on and on…..God bless you all